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We Listen To You From Day One

CDMG: A winning approach to client services

CDMG’S philosophy of good ol’ fashioned client service is a distinguishing factor that sets us apart from other agencies.

We listen to you from day one.

Nobody knows your product or service better than you. Nobody understands the challenges you face better than you.

Therefore, you and your staff are an integral part of our creative process.

4 Steps to Success
#1 Creative Meeting

#1:  Thorough Research

The first step toward a successful campaign will be our initial research of your product or service, followed by a creative conference, via phone or in our offices, lead by Craig Huey.

During this conference, we’ll hear what you have to say.

We will ask you to explain the unique features and benefits of your product or service, any specific marketing challenges you face, and your vision for success. We will also ask you a number of strategic questions that will shape our copy platform and marketing approach. And, we’ll discuss how to bring your campaign in at or below your budget (we’re very cost-conscious with your money).

#2 Comprehensive

#2:  Creative Concept

    The next phase of the campaign will include the creative concept, additional research, scheduling, rough and final copy (and of course, personal contact with you whenever necessary).

#3 Artwork

#3:  Art & Production

    Phase three will be artwork (or filming, taping, etc. if TV or radio) and production.

#4:  Analysis of Project

    Step four will be the analysis of your campaign. You will receive a response analysis report showing you exactly how well your promotion has performed. Every aspect of your promotion will be analyzed in an accountable manner.

Here are some examples of
powerful response campaigns

Generating High response for Little-Known Service

Marketing Problem:
Client has been in business for a long time, but is relatively unknown. Competitors are well-known. We had to build awareness and credibility in this competitive market, as well as show our audience the need for this particular company’s service as opposed to other companies.

To position this company as the experts and clarify the benefits of using this particular company’s services. This was done through clear explanation of services available and through the use of testimonials of important satisfied customers.

High Response Graph

To increase the number of leads to at least 1%.

Client produced as much as 4.2% return on their direct mail Web site response.


Heavy Competitor/New Launch

Marketing Problem:
A new launch of a product to the health industry. While the product had differences from the competition, there were no easily discernible differences. We had to present the unique benefits of our product clearly to the market. Also, the cost of the product was 110% above the major competition.

With convincing sales copy, we provided our prospects with the latest information about their health problems and needs and then showed them how our product was the solution for them. An intriguing, information-filled campaign was created utilizing the latest, most successful direct marketing techniques.

Heavy Competitor Graph

To generate a minimum response of 1.1% and market to outside the “health” audience.

The client’s results far exceeded the minimum requirements. Even the requirements for “non-health” oriented mailing lists by over 150%. The client’s customer base is becoming a dominant player in the industry.

Product Saved, Substantial Growth Experienced

Marketing Problem:
Client experienced a decrease in market share in a crowded, competitive field.

To develop a unique “hook” to motivate an unresponsive audience to the product.

Growth Experienced Graph

To raise response form 0.95% to at least 1.3–1.4%.

lient experienced a jump in response up to 3%. Client was so pleased, we’ve subsequently created five new campaigns for him, and we’re working on number six.

A Smooth, Easy, Effective Process

Whether you’re new to direct marketing or have years of experience, we’ll take you through our creative process in a smooth, easy way.

Every step of the way, your input is welcomed and your approval is required to proceed.

You won’t just be a number at CDMG. What you will discover is friendly, professional service with your needs and goals in mind. We listen to you! And you always have Craig Huey involved in the creative process as well as meetings to ensure your project will generate the highest response possible.

P.S. We also listen for you, keeping abreast of market trends, your competition, and new industry developments that may affect you and your company.

For more information, call Craig Huey at 1-310-212-5727 or write to us at 21171 S. Western Ave., Suite 260 , Torrance, CA 90501. Or you may call us Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm, Pacific time or reach us by fax 1-310-212-5773. We can also be reached by email at inquire@directmarketingcenter.com.

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A Winning Approach to Client Service

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Craig Huey

Mr. Huey is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing. Mr. Huey is winner of over 30 major marketing awards for breakthrough campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

“This is scientific advertising. We measure test results and continually try to increase the response based on what we have learned.”


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