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Strategies for Direct Marketing Success

5 critical strategies
CDMG uses for superior marketing success and profitability for its clients

By Craig Huey

Each direct marketing campaign my team at Creative Direct Marketing Group creates is unique. Each requires a different approach. But over the years, these five strategies have proven themselves to be the keys to profitable, award-winning campaigns:

1. Fully Utilizing Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to increase your profitability

We make a point to find out as much as we can about your company, your products and services; your market niche.

That way, we can help you develop and enhance your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Nothing is more important in formulating a direct response marketing plan.

Your USP is the distinguishing factor that separates you from your competition. It is the key reason your prospects should buy from you. It should be the centerpiece of all your marketing efforts. It sets you apart!

 For example, our USP is Nobody knows direct marketing better. Direct marketing is our specialty—that’s what we do best…and that adds up to profitable results for you.

We also thrive on…

2. The 40/40/20 Rule—Key to a Successful Campaign—knowing the key to each means profits to you…

Your direct marketing programs depend upon three important elements:

40%—Your Audience: Reaching your very best prospects is over 40% of the success or failure of your entire campaign. We specialize in the proper selection of psychographic media (space ads, TV, radio, on-line services and mailing lists) based on demographics (census-type information like age, sex, income) which allows us to target only your very best prospects.

40%—Your Offer: Is your product or service properly priced compared to its perceived value? Is your guarantee strong enough? Do you give your prospects an extra incentive to buy from you? Can they reach you easily? All of these factors make up another 40% of the success or failure of your campaign.

20%—Creative: The final, but very important, 20% is the way your offer is presented —through the copy, theme, graphics, format, etc. Our copy is written to the level of the actual audience to whom you’re marketing—not an idealized, hypothetical customer. We concentrate on capturing attention, developing interest, building desire and creating action. Fail here and your entire campaign will fail. Mediocre creative will cripple or destroy your campaign.

Another tried-and-true strategy to which we adhere is…

3. Creating Breakthrough Campaigns That Get Noticed and Increase Response

In seeking to build your company’s market share, you are not interested in so-so, mediocre results. That’s why CDMG is constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ideas that will lead you to increased sales and profits.

Whether it be webalogs, video or CD marketing, magalogs…a new format in direct mail…a combination of TV/mail…or a unique ad, our goals are to make sure your promotions stand out among your competitors.

We also encourage our clients to take a good hard look at their current customers and at…

4. Maximizing Databases to Create New Profit Opportunities

One of our specialties is database marketing.

Your own database of past and current customers is your key to survival in bad times. Plus, it’s your key to maximum profits in good times. The goal of your database is to maximize customer value through conversion, retention and repeat sales. It helps build loyalty. And it allows you to create new marketing opportunities.

It means:

New ways for you to market smarter, thus reducing your costs.
New ways for you to market additional products or services, thus boosting your bottom line.
New ways for you to market longer, thus maximizing the lifetime value of customers.

Finally, one of the strategies that we always return to is…

5. Using CDMG’s Proprietary Valuable Information and Value-Added Direct Marketing (V.I.V.A.™) System

Our V.I.V.A. Direct Marketing System is based on two proven principles:


Using valuable information to market is vital in this current age of skepticism. In this form of marketing, you give all the information needed by your prospects to overcome any objections or skepticism.

This type of marketing goes beyond just saying, “Buy my product.” You also provide information, concrete facts and statistics instead of sales hype or generalities. Benefits are given, but so is specific, detailed information.

The basic principle of this type of marketing is that the more you inform prospects about your product or service, the more likely you will be able to convert your prospects to buyers.

Some things to keep in mind for Informational Marketing:

Position yourself and/or your company as the authority.


Prove your case. This is a fine art, and the product’s case must not be too basic or too confusing.


Give enough information to avoid confusion, and enough to avoid excess simplification of the product and offer.


Value-added marketing follows a similar track. In your promotional campaigns, you give away value, whether it be a FREE gift or FREE information. You are perceived as one who cares and wants to help.

These five critical strategies must be part of your direct marketing campaigns to ensure the greatest response.

These are just five strategies we’ve successfully used for our clients. Combine them with our other award-winning creative strategies and personalized service, and they can help you increase your sales and profits, too.

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